Common Core and It’s Omission

The untold and unknown Socialization of America is going to have to be changed.  America was socialized through her public school system, and it is going to take education in those schools to undo America’s socialism.

The Opinion Item, a Washington Post reprint in the Wichita Eagle, by Jack Markell, Governor of Delaware, who co-chaired the Common Core Standards Initiatives, should mean the information is as accurate as the arguments come.  Education is the most important issue that school teachers need to be addressed with a full compliment that students need to make truthful and accurate decisions.  It was education that the frontier one-room school houses also got that made America the greatest, freest, most desirable place to live; attain wealth and peace that America enjoyed for We, the peoples’, first two hundred years.  What has changed America — Socialism!

What is Americ alike today since Socialism became half of the society, with a fractured foundation, Her Constitution, culture, mores, a government that pushes Communism onto We, the people, and ignores the people’s wants and needs.  Socialism works on the beliefs that they can, and have destroyed the old society, to be replaced with their failed, never working one.  Their distributing the wealth ‘hot air’ can only deliver as long as their are funds and production in the vaults and warehouses.  When the producers get the fruits of their labor taxed away, guess what?!?  They quit producing.  That is what happened to England.  Vacant promises by Labor Party leaders is what elected Margaret Thatcher, and she undid the Socialism, privatized England’s industry again, and saved England’s society from dire straits of misery.  Guess what? A new generation is flirting with socialism again.  Only education can stop that dismal circle.  The egos of the wannabe world rulers nullifies all their self-believed that they are the only ones who know what’s good for the subjects.  To them, We, the People, are stupid and evil, milked dry by wealthy who create wealth and production, but to theses dregs of society, the Socialists, politically correct the wealthy for what they are.  Greece, a European Union country, is a Socialism’s basket case that has destroyed their society and government, unable to function, is going to have  lot of company as other EU countries fall.  What happened to America?

The Fabians knew their success in America depended on taking control of America’s public school system.  They started their penetration at once with the base from America’s Progressives.  By the 1950’s, they had control of the National Education Association, and did their usual.  They pushed out all the opposition and turned an education centered organization into the teachers union, socialist oriented, and commenced with the dumbing down of education.  Socialists want workers, not thinkers.  When Jimmy Carter gave them the Department of Education, their efforts were complete.  They now had control of what would be taught in the classrooms.  A steady creep of their multicultural, borderless nations world view eased out the teaching about America.  Many of the state’s schools are socialist bent, since the State Boards of Education are teacher union controlled.  Government school ‘solutions’, the ones in the past and the current ones, such as No Child Left Behind and now Common Core, blow a smokescreen over the people’s minds about fixing the schools.  The Education-Socialists are in charge.  They must be pushed out of the way and rendered politically powerless.

The only answer to fixing the schools — instruct the students about Socialism and why it can never work.  It should be as important as the basics.  If Common Core is to serve We, the people, educated the children to be patriotic, independent, self-sufficient adults, allowed to use their ingenuity that the Constitution promises them.

Toby Elster


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