Letters to the Editor of ‘The Nation’

The May 13, 2013 issue I borrowed from a hospital table to answer one of your readers question.  I’m no stranger to the Nation, having subscribed for a short period to familiarize myself with it.  It was the beginning of what became a 40 year project to find out how America got socialized.

To the purpose of this, quoting your letter writer, under ‘Whistleblowing While You Work’, by a Seana Sperling of Seattle, referring to Tim Shorrock’s article of NSA’s four Whistleblowers, testifying and they were harassed and blacklisted for speaking out.  Seana writes, ‘I discovered I was on a watch list when I was detained at the US-Canadian border.  Why?  I do not know; every FOIA request I submit is denied.  If my name can appear on a watch list when I have done nothing to warrant it, then anyone can be vilified and harassed.”  That is not true, my dear.

When it comes to terrorism, military and national intelligence, there are limits to privacy of the individual, as it should be.  You are on a watch list because, I assume, you are an active Socialist or a member of their organizations, and a Constitution-destroyer supporter.  Those principles, the Constitution and Socialism are opposites, and one will go.  Americans still have enough backbone to fight to make sure it is your beliefs that get nullified.  If it was left up to PATRIOTIC Americans, they would not have let you back in to the United States.  Stay in Canada or go elsewhere, such as England where the U.N. will see to it that their beliefs are headed to the Greeks’ failed Socialism government.  America is for Americans.

Now, as an aside, since this letter will never see The Nation’s print, perhaps our websiters would like to know a little more about The Nation.  What I recall from the 1970s, the Nation was dull, articles supported Socialism, lengthy, and how good America would be if she was socialized.  Today the Nation has, more or less, adopted today’s magazine formats of the news events, with their Socialist’s slant.  It also appears to show it’s 147 year age with the ‘bumps’ of other old publications; except finances is not a daily fret for them, being endowed by some old rich individual in 1865, possibly from Europe.

The Nation also advertises for members.  So a word of advice to flood your membership lists.  When the Nation uses the brains of Socialists they use for their corruption, treachery and dishonest, gets honest and tells their readers why Socialism does not and never will work’ that the Conservatives’ efforts are to make America for Americans; meaning that Capitalism and free markets will allow human ingenuity to create the wealthiest and most peaceful nation once again.  Then use the Socialist’s methods to tap the wealthy, and hope not to get caught.  You’ll gain much, much more than the socialism you pursue.  Your great dream, Obama, is not a lame duck — but a sitting duck.  His goals to socialize America has resulted in waking up Americans to his destroying tactics.

Toby Elster


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