To the Wichita Eagle 7/12

This is in response to two items from the June 19, 2013 Wichita Eagle, to help enlighten your readers of the truths about America.  An item from , “Excerpts from our blog” concerning libertarianism works.  Also, a letter from Del Lopez and his misconception of ‘trying to destroy’, who states the GOP officials have been trying to do, President Obama.  Unfortunately, it is not true comments, the Constitutional Foundation, who exposed America’s socialization, notes.

Del Lopez, by no doubt must be a staunch Democrat, typically wrong on all accounts.  ‘What’s wrong with the picture?”, Lopez asks.  The reply, just one thought is wrong. “After five years…” Lopez makes his case for Obama blessing America with manna from heaven!  Six years ago, TCF said Obama’s ‘change’ would be Socialism; that he is a Socialist, and that he could not be believed.  Unfortunately, he has not disappointed our predictions once.  TCF does understand the socialized mind.

Lopez despises the GOP, his great mistake.  The GOP is the party of wealth creation.  When the country is prosperous and economically powerful, money is in abundance, people working with paychecks, money penetrates the society in many ways, and it rubs off in unforseen ways.  Everyone benefits from this.  Charities become flush and generous.  Unfortunately, the Lopez’s mentality listens to the Socialist-Democrat’s empty promises; the people get their predictable empty misery, and then they blame the GOP.  Wake up Mr. Lopez, get smart with the truths and facts.

The blog on ‘Waiting to see Libertarianism work’; a wasted effort.  I’m familiar with libertarianism from the 1970’s.  I used them, their Reason Magazine publication, researching how America got socialized.  They doom themselves into insignificance.  Fractured by differences today; many factions are emotional and misconstrue factual events.  White supremacists, anti-Semitists, Israel haters, hate Neo-Cons as the world’s trouble makers, are found in factions of this movement.  They don’t believe in foreign wars — the base of national security which America fights in foreign countries — instead on our shores?

Libertarians doom themselves into the dust of insignificant ‘third parties’.  Libertarianism, the party of free will, doesn’t induce the ability to create it, let alone have to protect it. Ideas of libertarianism are great, but the idea of a ‘third party’ ‘L’ibertarian party will spell doom.

Toby Elster


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