Faith & Freedom Coalition

This is a reminder, and a guarantee that the ‘Road to the Majority’ not only doesn’t fail, but sets the foundation and moves forward to restore America’s Founders’ principles.

‘This conference is a chance to unify all conservatives.’, is quoted in your letter.  Absolutely, and we must fight constantly to ensure that in 2016 will once again be for and by Americans.  Why?  Because from outside the Beltway, Patriotic Americans say to us, ‘What the Constitutional Foundation is talking about, is what we are looking for.’

All that is necessary is that the ‘Road to the Majority’ be informed of the solution that will 1) Move America’s anti-American Socialists out of the way; 2) Give the Constitution the means to protect itself by law against those who move to destroy it.  The warning the Founders left for us to guard our freedoms, or lose them hasn’t been enough. We are constantly losing our freedoms!  America’s complacency and apathy towards our freedoms is no match to the powerful, determined, world-ruling wannabes who destroy the Constitution and the society’s base. 3) The solution must be a permanent one, or the ideologues of the foreign Fascism and Despotic beliefs will be back to try again.

It is in the hands of people like those in Faith & Freedom Coalition to see to the results of the ‘Road to Freedom’ and a government of patriotic Americans!

Toby Elster


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