Focus on the forest not the trees!

I’m looking at a stack of letters that have arrived from various organizations over the past few weeks.  Some of these organizations have been sending me these for decades.  Do you realize what is similar with them?  They practically read the same in all this time. Not much changes, other than America has further deteriorated!

Don’t misconstrue the message.  I’m not saying these organizations haven’t been doing good, being a bastion place to keep the backbone of Americanism and resilience to save America.  There is no doubt that those who speak up for what is truthful and right would be further attacked, our first amendment rights nearly, if not all gone, since their attack is on our Constitution, if not for these organizations.  But look where American has gone since Conservatives began an exposure of the misguided issues created by an enemy in America’s midst.  We must look at the larger issue! Constantly hitting and focusing on only one issue neglects the fact that the attacks on our country are coming from many sides and from many enemies.

Commencing about 1950, when our anti-American Communists were being prosecuted, there was also a gradual undermining of America’s foundation, Her Constitution.  Now another five decades longer, We the people still don’t know about it.  Your claims of changing that are rather barren, considering America has Obama, a Communist, and a cabal of them, dictating the destruction of the Constitution as they serve the United Nations’ global aspirations.

All those efforts have been proved that the slow creep for change is not enough for what America needs to reverse what these anti-Americans have and are doing to destroy America.  The Constitutional Foundation needs your help to spread this message far and wide. Protect our Constitution, fight against the traitors who seek to destroy it.  Let’s see the big picture of what is happening to our country, and meet them on the offensive.

Toby Elster


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