Letter to the Washington Times Weekly

Concerning Robert Knight’s ‘Living in the devil of a time; A progress report from the CEO of sin and evil’ (July 1, 2013); it is an excellent review of America’s affliction from not heeding our Founder’s warning, and the consequences of calamity.  Doesn’t Knight recognize Socialism’s footprints in what he wrote?  Socialism is precent in every facet of the society, and if America’s Socialists were required to have a hammer and scythe stamped on their foreheads, they might be a majority!  In Congress they would be, in the Administration near 100%.

Socialism’s theory is faulted.  It’s authoritarian egotism of ‘I, I, I’ never gives any consideration to ‘We, the People’, except to control them.  Since Socialism has no truths, it’s rhetoric is based on lies, but those who propagate these lies are not stupid.  They understand that to chance an stablished society, the old must be destroyed first.  And therein comes their attacks on ‘traditional values such as honor, fidelity in marriage, strong families, personal responsibility, civic pride, charity and patriotism.’  In return they promote, through their politically correct language, ‘multiculturalism, feminism, racism, homosexualism, attacks on women, and many other destructive practices’, stated by Knight in ‘living in the devil of a time’ of sin and evil.

While ‘distribution of the wealth’ gathers the useful idiots to put their Socialist elites at the top of their ‘classless’ society to force those idiots to do as they are told, we must wake up to the dangers present.

Toby Elster


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