Attention Veteran Organizations

I served during two of America’s wars, and I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I am going to stay silent since I know what is happening to America, while so many sit on their butts and do nothing (AKA sleeping on duty).  We must wake up! Our Foundation is crumbling.

Personally, I know the organizations are doing an excellent job of seeing that Veterans receive what they are due.  But this is only half the duty.  Maybe not written, but an implied duty of Veteran organizations is to oversee America’s Internal Security.  The fact that America’s foundation, her Constitution, along with the organizations’ rights to exist, remain safe, and stay on safe, solid ground, is quickly eroding.  We can’t be brainwashed into believing that even these anti-American Socialists’ Representatives in Congress are looking out for our best interests.  They want their wallets padded, and it doesn’t matter at who’s expense.

In 1970, I discovered America was being socialized through her public education system.  Now, 40 years later, I can trace Socialism’s destructive work on America’s foundation and society to how America ended up with a cabal of Communists dictating Communism to Americans to destroy everything that the Veterans fought and died for.  Where are the priorities?  Yes, we must take care of our veterans who fought so valiantly for us, but we must also ensure there is a country here for these veterans, and for those currently serving.  It’s still time to fight! There is a country worth fighting for, and a way of living created by our Founders that must be protected! Let’s focus on the forest, and not just the trees!

Toby Elster


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