Open Letter to Charles Koch (Charles Koch Foundation Ad Campaign)

Roy Wenzl’s Wichita Eagle article on your ad campaign prompts this reply.  I’ve seen an ad and the comments I’ve heard said they were positive and informative.  This in an introduction, I’m sure, for more to come!?!  I’m one who supports the Koch’s and agree with you, which goes back to the days of your father, both economically and politically.  But I do believe you have underestimated what America is today, which is what has brought on the negativism you have been met with.

This reply is based on that negativism which stands in the way of the America of her first 200 years; the ‘Economic Freedom’ of your ad campaign.  That knowledge comes out of spending 40 years figuring out how America got in to the anti-American Socialists’ mentality that led to America being governed by a Communist and his cabal of like minds.  When one understands the minds of America’s Constitution-destroyers in our midst, one gets an intense education about humanity.  After all, these Socialists and Communists must understand humanity to be able to outwit people as they do, without the truth.  Today they are an enemy in America’s midst, and their footprints are in every facet of American society, powerful and influential.  If America is going to regain her greatness and power of yesteryear, including her citizen’s outlook and behavior; including the days when one could leave the car keys in the ignition, and the car would still be there when one left.  The enemy in our midst must be dethroned and gotten out of the way.  That is saying that America’s deterioration goes deep into the society also, besides her economy and power.  That deterioration comes out of America’s socialists!

The Constitutional Foundation hopes and wishes ‘Economic Freedom’ all the luck necessary to make your ad’s efforts beneficial and successful.  Following is a couple suggestions that might take your campaign a step further to a more permanent solution.  On education, through the education-socialists control over the public schools, America has attained a deep socialists completion that needs addressing.  Unless Americans learn why Socialism fails and can never work, Socialism lies are a very persuasive scam.

Then it fails me that the Republicans, accused of being the party of ‘unearned’ and ‘undeserving’ wealth, cant turn the attack against their attackers — and for the Republican’s benefit.  It was touched on in the Eagle article.  For instance, when a nation or a society is wealthy, it is prosperous and creates opportunities for others, more money is in circulation.  It always benefits everyone in some manner or another (be it for jobs, charity, or healthcare).  Why hasn’t that message been ‘sold’ to Hispanics and other minorities? Let’s work to make Republicans out of them.

I recall much of the 1930s.  The economy was tight, and money was devalued much worse than today.  Yet America was a much better society than today.  What is the difference?  There was no socialism in the society in the 1930s.  Today socialism has it’s footprint in every facet of American society.  What fixed America after FDR, America’s socialist mentality won’t allow that today.  What will change this problem begins in the public schools.

Socialism can be equated to the Greek Mythology of the sea nymphs of the Isle of Lesbos, where the siren mermaids, whose sweet singing, bewitched the sailors to come, and they ended up on the rocks.  Socialism’s lies are no difference.  They are the sirens of sweet promises of an easy life at other’s expense.  By the time the useful idiots find out they were lied to, they are already economic slaves of a bankrupt society.  Is ‘Economic Freedom’ a powerful enough message to keep America away from the rocks?  If the people knew why Socialism never works, it could make a big difference.

Knowing what went wrong with America was the key to coming up with a solution for what went wrong.  It is an all-inclusive solution, not of issues or bits and parts, to restore America’s greatness and truly fix our Constitutional crisis.  We must work to amend the Constitution.  Let’s make those who’s work is to destroy the Constitution, punishable for treason!

Toby Elster



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