Re: The Media: Our America Pravda (American Conservative May/June)

The title asked, ‘What are they missing today?’  Allow me to answer — and it covers the past century.  Perhaps the biggest story of all that never saw print was the mass effort from progressives to shove socialism into our society since the turn of the century.

The essay, the captioned, hit a life time smell of the same odor of the Media.  I am not of the journalist’s pursuit, but not a novice of what you covered in your captioned article.  I was aware of FDR’s communizing America and wanted answers for myself.  When the House (un)American Activities Committee started hearings, I figured out the ‘Socialists’ had finally come.  When nothing came from the hearings, but stalling and delays, I began to smell a cover up.

As a World War II pilot, I talked with others who were hauling unknown cargo to Montana, unloading the card, and loading it in Russian planes.  Much later, it was learned that FDR was giving Stalin the materials to build an atomic bomb!  After John Stormer’s book came out, I was sure there was a ‘great cover-up.’  I even named Harry Hopkins (FDR’s right hand man) as America’s greatest spy, later confirmed by the Russians.  Then I spent two decades, unsuccessfully, trying to get a reliable author to write the book of the ‘Great Cover Up’.  Finally, M. Stanton Evans did in ‘Blacklisted by History’, and revealed Truman as another one of America’s bad Presidents.

In 1970, I discovered that America was being Socialized through Her public school system.  The consequences of that is summarized by the ‘greatest media censorship by omission.’  Until 2004, the terms of Socialism were never heard or read about with America.  In four years, the Constitutional Foundation exposed the socialization of America.  To this day, commencing with Woodrow Wilson, not a word of it has ever been printed in America’s media.

Toby Elster


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