Wichita Eagle – Downtown State Offices

‘State DCF offices may leave downtown’ reads the Wichita Eagle on July 11th.  What gives with our elected and their plans to move state office buildings out of downtown? What are the costs with this idea?  What about the disruption and loss of time?  Nor is a second thought given in respect for the wasted taxpayer dollars of a needless expense.

We elected ‘sweet’ talking public servants who tell us they’ll watch out for the people.  Then their authoritative egotism of ‘me, me, me’ comes through, without a mention or thought of We, the People.

It was the same with USD 259 School Board’s decision to move Southeast High School.  A ready made decision with ‘window dressing’ for the people, and the cost for a new high school out in the country that is twice as expensive as remodeling the school already there.  Increased expense for busing, travel, and wasted time are just of the few wasted costs.  And what is all this for? So the ‘me, me, me’ public servants can have their names on a new high school building??? Ridiculous.

Perhaps what is needed is a ‘Kick Them Out Committee’.  Every elected must file a letter of resignation with this committee.  Then, if their ‘me, me, me’ gets in the way of their promises to We, the People, the Committee holds court, and throws them out of office!

Toby Elster


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