National Uniformed Services Journal

‘Coast Guard Releases New Arctic Strategy’ (USJ July/August 2013). CG Commandant ADM Robert J. Papp Jr. deserves acclaim for what his command accomplishes in the Arctic, also an important oil and gas producing area that needs the attention planned for the Arctic Strategy.  But urging the U.S. Senate to approve ‘U.S. accede to the Law of the Sea Treaty’ would not be in America’s interest.  In fact, it would be detrimental to the USA.

The Law of the Sea Treaty is a United Nations concoction to further it’s one-world government plans.  If the other nations that have approved this only claimed continental shelf of 200 miles instead of the recognized 12 miles.  Should the U.N. get it’s one-world government, all that would be for naught.  The U.N. would claim all that the seas would yield to be distributed to all nations — the Socialists ‘share the wealth’.  The Admiral stated, ‘The United States should accede to the Law of the Sea Convention without delay to protect our national security interests: sovereignty, environment, economy, and energy.’  Admiral, if America did, the opposite would occur.  The U.N. would be the ‘overseer’ of all that the seas would yield, regardless of who mined them, and America’s sovereignty would take a direct mortal hit!  A socialized one-world government is the U.N.’s objective — and already their European Union isn’t working!

Toby Elster


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