Open Letter to the Heritage Foundation

In front of the Constitutional Foundation is a Patrick O’Connor Wall Street Journal item, ‘Think Tank Becomes a Handful for GOP’ as well as the Heritage Foundation’s Summer 2013 Members News and Jim DeMint’s American Perceptions Initiative.  I wish you both good luck and much success, but I have a question.  America has a political enemy in our midst, anti-American Constitution-destroyers who are bound and determined to pull America in the opposite directions of these great groups.  Does the Heritage understand this enemy, their influence, power and wealth?

The founder of TCF spent over 40 years, beginning in 1970, discovering America was being socialized through her public education system; who, how, and why it was happening.  Then digging into their minds to find their weakness.  To fix what is not working, one must know what is wrong.  When the research bore fruit, TCF had a solution to get those out of the way who divide America to destroy Americanism for a global government by America’s Socialists.  Does TCF know that it’s efforts are on the right track, taking on America’s cancer as a forrest, looking past the trees (single issues) as necessary to get the enemy out of the way first, if success is to be attained?  We were told we couldn’t succeed, but have found much success as we spread the word of this attack on Americanism.

There are very few publications and organizations that are taking on the forrest (the overall attack on Americanism).  Most focus on their trees (single issues), and are met with little if any success.  Our enemy is powerful, and working hard to undermine our country.  They must be met head on, or they will succeed! Join with us, and let’s stop this attack, and work to amend the Constitution!

Toby Elster



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