Re: American Free Press ‘Americans Resemble Serfs…’ July 29, 2013

The solution to the problem facing America today is rid her of the enemy within her midst.  The solution of amending the Constitution comes from finding the answers of why America has gone down this path.

In determining the why of the conservatives 60 years of miserable results to stop the socialization of America, which got Communists running this Administration and dictating unconstitutional beliefs as laws, it is easy to notice that the focus on single issues ‘trees’ has left the Socialists to attack the entire structure, culture, mores, patriotism, etc., of our country’s fabric.  We have left the ‘forrest’, and left it to the enemy.  Our enemy in our midst has systematically taken on each issue, as they moved as a whole, against conservative groups.  This is the basis for our solution, to depower the enemy and move them out of the way.  Once the solution to amend the Constitution’s definition of treason becomes common knowledge, the enemy will have to go on the defensive.  Their power will gradually be diminished, and the Patriotic groundswell will grow.  This is a must or the enemy will be back, sooner or later.

The Constitutional Foundation needs a lot of help in making the solution common knowledge.  Join with us in spreading the message!

Toby Elster


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