NYT writer Thomas Frieman

Another Thomas Friedman, the has-been Middle East reporter for the New York Times appears in the same space, identical bold print, nearly as much wasted space as the August 2nd article, which appeared in the Wichita Eagle, telling Kansas about a Chinese government employee embezzling millions, instead of giving space to explain to one of their writers why he is frustrated with America being socialized.  The August 13, 2013 article headlines, ‘Kansas Prairie Offers Lesson for Middle East’, and it tells of Friedman’s being enamored by Wes Jackson, a Kansas founder of the Land Institute.  Jacksons’ goal is to ‘restore the function of the diverse polyculture prairie ecosystem and rescue it from the single-species, annual monoculture farming, which is exhausting the soil, the source of all prairie life.’  His theory of keeping the plow out of the earth hasn’t attracted any following that I am aware of.  How the Kansas prairie has helped the Middle East obtain the olive tree is beyond my comprehension.  My father has proved Mr. Jackson and now Friedman both wrong.  From desert land with water rights, he made his land produce almost twice what the California Department of Agriculture estimated it would with cover crops which got plowed under.  He always told me that if you take from the land, it is necessary to replenish the soil’s humus, which he practiced faithfully.

Perhaps an idea of the writer comes through that the Wichita Eagles likes to feature, but to the main point.  Friedman outed himself as being as environmentally political as our Communist President in the White House.  They named them Obama’s czars for a good reason.  Friendman has swallowed Obama’s ‘no more fossil fuels’, which has ended up costing us over a Trillion dollars on alternate fuels.  We have the ability to produce clean fossil fuels.  The war on this is only hurting our country, and endangering our national security.

Toby Elster


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