Letter to the Wichita Eagle

‘White House turns down union health plan subsidies’, headlines an AP item by Sam Hananel.  Who is the subject matter?  The poor?  Perhaps the Eagle doesn’t want the article read by non-union people!?!?   The opening paragraph reads, ‘Low income workers on union health plans are not eligible for the same federal subsidies available to those who buy insurance in the new state health care marketplace, the White House said Friday.’  The article continues on the White House and AFL-CIO’s differences of opinions.

The Constitutional Foundation reads much more in the article which is a bit of the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th century — still keeping Americans in the dark.  America’s great Socialist President, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the Democratic Party to the American educated Socialists.  Slowly, but surely, the Democrats became the lap-dogs of the Establishment — America’s High and Mighty pushing the United Nations Socialists to ‘force’ America to yield Her sovereignty for the U.N.’s world government — aka The New World Order.

Today’s Democrats, as good as socialists, promise the poor and minorities what Socialists promise, with no promise of delivering on them, for their vote in return.  If the Democrats did deliver their promises, human nature proves they’d lose their vote as the poor would prosper.  They would be sold out.

The Democrats spin issues to make Republicans look bad, making Republicans look like the party of the wealthy.  The brain-locked Republicans should be telling the poor and minorities that they do create wealth and make the country prosperous and wealthy.  But when the country is wealthy and prosperous, then everyone benefits in one way or another. A wealthy country has more jobs, economic growth, bigger paychecks, more charity for the needy, more revenue for the sites and states, and so forth.  If the Republicans were the were able to implement free market policies, all would prosper!

So, if the minorities, the poor, and needy hope for a better life, they need to vote for solid Republicans, and tell the Democrats they are wise now, they know their tricks to buy their vote, and leave the Democrats empty at the ballot box.

Toby Elster


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