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My name is Toby Elster.   I was born and raised in Southern California during the early part of the 1920’s.  My parents taught me to have a hard work ethic, to love my country, and to pass that on to the generations to come.  In the 1960’s I began to see and understand what was happening in our country!  The Fabians and Socialists were invading and propagating our country with their socialistic beliefs.  Since learning of this, I have written several articles concerning what needs to be done to restore our country to the beacon of hope it once was!  I hope you enjoy these articles, but I also encourage you to take action!  We need to amend the Constitution, and make any person who seeks to harm and destroy our Constitution a TRAITOR!


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  1. Just saw your add in Military magazine. Now I see an allie against these anti American zealots that some ignorant fools voted in. I also am a combat veteran, but of Vietnam. I knew what would happen if they won the vote. My blood boils daily. I am not nor never will be “politically correct” and I will pray when and wherever I feel. Taking prayer and the pledge of alligance out of schools is a kick in the face of every true American and veteran. If someone doesn’t like what I say TOUGH. It’s my right which my father (a P38 pilot) of WWII and all the rest of the soldiers and military of that era fought and DIED for, and the blood I shed for. How can I help? I will send your address to some more veterans my friends who think the real American way.

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