Letter to the Wichita Eagle

‘White House turns down union health plan subsidies’, headlines an AP item by Sam Hananel.  Who is the subject matter?  The poor?  Perhaps the Eagle doesn’t want the article read by non-union people!?!?   The opening paragraph reads, ‘Low income workers on union health plans are not eligible for the same federal subsidies available to those who buy insurance in the new state health care marketplace, the White House said Friday.’  The article continues on the White House and AFL-CIO’s differences of opinions.

The Constitutional Foundation reads much more in the article which is a bit of the untold and unknown political history of America’s 20th century — still keeping Americans in the dark.  America’s great Socialist President, Franklin D. Roosevelt gave the Democratic Party to the American educated Socialists.  Slowly, but surely, the Democrats became the lap-dogs of the Establishment — America’s High and Mighty pushing the United Nations Socialists to ‘force’ America to yield Her sovereignty for the U.N.’s world government — aka The New World Order.

Today’s Democrats, as good as socialists, promise the poor and minorities what Socialists promise, with no promise of delivering on them, for their vote in return.  If the Democrats did deliver their promises, human nature proves they’d lose their vote as the poor would prosper.  They would be sold out.

The Democrats spin issues to make Republicans look bad, making Republicans look like the party of the wealthy.  The brain-locked Republicans should be telling the poor and minorities that they do create wealth and make the country prosperous and wealthy.  But when the country is wealthy and prosperous, then everyone benefits in one way or another. A wealthy country has more jobs, economic growth, bigger paychecks, more charity for the needy, more revenue for the sites and states, and so forth.  If the Republicans were the were able to implement free market policies, all would prosper!

So, if the minorities, the poor, and needy hope for a better life, they need to vote for solid Republicans, and tell the Democrats they are wise now, they know their tricks to buy their vote, and leave the Democrats empty at the ballot box.

Toby Elster


Second Round of Cancer Treatments

Dear Friends,

I apologize for the delay in new posts.  I have been going through a second round of cancer treatments.  I am going to keep fighting cancer, and I am going to keep fighting the socialists who are trying to ruin our country.  Please be patient, and we will continue to post.  Thank you very much!

Toby Elster

NYT writer Thomas Frieman

Another Thomas Friedman, the has-been Middle East reporter for the New York Times appears in the same space, identical bold print, nearly as much wasted space as the August 2nd article, which appeared in the Wichita Eagle, telling Kansas about a Chinese government employee embezzling millions, instead of giving space to explain to one of their writers why he is frustrated with America being socialized.  The August 13, 2013 article headlines, ‘Kansas Prairie Offers Lesson for Middle East’, and it tells of Friedman’s being enamored by Wes Jackson, a Kansas founder of the Land Institute.  Jacksons’ goal is to ‘restore the function of the diverse polyculture prairie ecosystem and rescue it from the single-species, annual monoculture farming, which is exhausting the soil, the source of all prairie life.’  His theory of keeping the plow out of the earth hasn’t attracted any following that I am aware of.  How the Kansas prairie has helped the Middle East obtain the olive tree is beyond my comprehension.  My father has proved Mr. Jackson and now Friedman both wrong.  From desert land with water rights, he made his land produce almost twice what the California Department of Agriculture estimated it would with cover crops which got plowed under.  He always told me that if you take from the land, it is necessary to replenish the soil’s humus, which he practiced faithfully.

Perhaps an idea of the writer comes through that the Wichita Eagles likes to feature, but to the main point.  Friedman outed himself as being as environmentally political as our Communist President in the White House.  They named them Obama’s czars for a good reason.  Friendman has swallowed Obama’s ‘no more fossil fuels’, which has ended up costing us over a Trillion dollars on alternate fuels.  We have the ability to produce clean fossil fuels.  The war on this is only hurting our country, and endangering our national security.

Toby Elster

Proposed Amendment to the Constitution (Definition of Treason)

Whoever knowingly and willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teacher the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of moving to install a foreign ideology whose theory or desires that contradicts the Founder’s created Constitution, which will or can destroy the Constitution of the United States of America are punishable for Treason as set out in the original Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Open Letter to Linchpins of Liberty

The captioned ‘The Linchpin of Save Liberty’ is surely not another ‘issue’ that will save America?!?  Regardless of what it may address, issues don’t save, even if they are beneficial.  One cannot kill a vulture with a fly swatter.  Or, one cannot concentrate on one tree to stop an insidious hoard of poisonous growths that has inundated an entire forest.  Yet, that is what Patriotic Americans are trying to do — and have done for 60 years.  America’s history of the conservatives trying to stop America’s foreign ideology in our midst by their separate issue, ‘a tree’, has only gotten America a cabal of Communists dictating the rule of man.  All this going on while they continue to chip away at America’s foundation, Her Constitution.  America’s enemy in her midst must laugh at those efforts, as they end run every issue thrown at them. LET’S GET SERIOUS!!!

Americanism is under attack from within by an insidious enemy of a foreign ideology who destroys America’s foundation, and we, the people, lose our freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law.  Not even the conservatives realize what all is happening to their America, nor understand it’s deterioration.  The Heritage Foundation has been very helpful and effective in killing some of the Socialist’s proposals before they become ‘stuck in cement’ laws.  They have certainly bought us Patriotic Americans more time to undo the enemy.  We must take the fight to our enemy.  We must work to undo all the damage that has been done to our country.

This writer is a very patriotic vet of America’s greatest war to save Liberty.  In 1970, I discovered that America was being socialized through Her public education system.  Curiosity sent me on a quest to find out how it was done.  Thirty years later, I knew more about the unknown and untold political history of Americans 20th Century than did many that should have known.  In 2003, The Constitutional Foundation came to be, and in 2004, we moved to inform America they were being socialized.  In four years, the Wall Street Journal began publishing articles on Socialism in America.  Knowing what went wrong with America was also the key to the solution.  From the research comes the realization that America’s political situation is not political, but a war by the Patriotic Americans against those who push the foreign ideology of the United Nation’s socialism for a global government vs America’s Constitution. 



When the Solution becomes common knowledge, as did the socialization of America, the next battle of America’s political war for Liberty, the enemy in our midst will be on the defensive.  That is the beginning of getting the enemy out of the way.  The buzz of the ground swell from Patriotic Americans forty or fifty million strong starts the restoration of Liberty’s granite foundation on the way to enact the solution.

The enactment of the solution into law is a MUST!  Otherwise, sooner or later, the enemy will be back to try again. Only America stands in the enemy’s way for a socialized, one-world government under the dictates of the United Nations.  Let’s get moving, time is of the essence.

Toby Elster


National Uniformed Services Journal

‘Coast Guard Releases New Arctic Strategy’ (USJ July/August 2013). CG Commandant ADM Robert J. Papp Jr. deserves acclaim for what his command accomplishes in the Arctic, also an important oil and gas producing area that needs the attention planned for the Arctic Strategy.  But urging the U.S. Senate to approve ‘U.S. accede to the Law of the Sea Treaty’ would not be in America’s interest.  In fact, it would be detrimental to the USA.

The Law of the Sea Treaty is a United Nations concoction to further it’s one-world government plans.  If the other nations that have approved this only claimed continental shelf of 200 miles instead of the recognized 12 miles.  Should the U.N. get it’s one-world government, all that would be for naught.  The U.N. would claim all that the seas would yield to be distributed to all nations — the Socialists ‘share the wealth’.  The Admiral stated, ‘The United States should accede to the Law of the Sea Convention without delay to protect our national security interests: sovereignty, environment, economy, and energy.’  Admiral, if America did, the opposite would occur.  The U.N. would be the ‘overseer’ of all that the seas would yield, regardless of who mined them, and America’s sovereignty would take a direct mortal hit!  A socialized one-world government is the U.N.’s objective — and already their European Union isn’t working!

Toby Elster

Open Letter to the Heritage Foundation

In front of the Constitutional Foundation is a Patrick O’Connor Wall Street Journal item, ‘Think Tank Becomes a Handful for GOP’ as well as the Heritage Foundation’s Summer 2013 Members News and Jim DeMint’s American Perceptions Initiative.  I wish you both good luck and much success, but I have a question.  America has a political enemy in our midst, anti-American Constitution-destroyers who are bound and determined to pull America in the opposite directions of these great groups.  Does the Heritage understand this enemy, their influence, power and wealth?

The founder of TCF spent over 40 years, beginning in 1970, discovering America was being socialized through her public education system; who, how, and why it was happening.  Then digging into their minds to find their weakness.  To fix what is not working, one must know what is wrong.  When the research bore fruit, TCF had a solution to get those out of the way who divide America to destroy Americanism for a global government by America’s Socialists.  Does TCF know that it’s efforts are on the right track, taking on America’s cancer as a forrest, looking past the trees (single issues) as necessary to get the enemy out of the way first, if success is to be attained?  We were told we couldn’t succeed, but have found much success as we spread the word of this attack on Americanism.

There are very few publications and organizations that are taking on the forrest (the overall attack on Americanism).  Most focus on their trees (single issues), and are met with little if any success.  Our enemy is powerful, and working hard to undermine our country.  They must be met head on, or they will succeed! Join with us, and let’s stop this attack, and work to amend the Constitution!

Toby Elster