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Open Letter to Linchpins of Liberty

The captioned ‘The Linchpin of Save Liberty’ is surely not another ‘issue’ that will save America?!?  Regardless of what it may address, issues don’t save, even if they are beneficial.  One cannot kill a vulture with a fly swatter.  Or, one cannot concentrate on one tree to stop an insidious hoard of poisonous growths that has inundated an entire forest.  Yet, that is what Patriotic Americans are trying to do — and have done for 60 years.  America’s history of the conservatives trying to stop America’s foreign ideology in our midst by their separate issue, ‘a tree’, has only gotten America a cabal of Communists dictating the rule of man.  All this going on while they continue to chip away at America’s foundation, Her Constitution.  America’s enemy in her midst must laugh at those efforts, as they end run every issue thrown at them. LET’S GET SERIOUS!!!

Americanism is under attack from within by an insidious enemy of a foreign ideology who destroys America’s foundation, and we, the people, lose our freedoms, rights, private property, and Rule of Law.  Not even the conservatives realize what all is happening to their America, nor understand it’s deterioration.  The Heritage Foundation has been very helpful and effective in killing some of the Socialist’s proposals before they become ‘stuck in cement’ laws.  They have certainly bought us Patriotic Americans more time to undo the enemy.  We must take the fight to our enemy.  We must work to undo all the damage that has been done to our country.

This writer is a very patriotic vet of America’s greatest war to save Liberty.  In 1970, I discovered that America was being socialized through Her public education system.  Curiosity sent me on a quest to find out how it was done.  Thirty years later, I knew more about the unknown and untold political history of Americans 20th Century than did many that should have known.  In 2003, The Constitutional Foundation came to be, and in 2004, we moved to inform America they were being socialized.  In four years, the Wall Street Journal began publishing articles on Socialism in America.  Knowing what went wrong with America was also the key to the solution.  From the research comes the realization that America’s political situation is not political, but a war by the Patriotic Americans against those who push the foreign ideology of the United Nation’s socialism for a global government vs America’s Constitution. 



When the Solution becomes common knowledge, as did the socialization of America, the next battle of America’s political war for Liberty, the enemy in our midst will be on the defensive.  That is the beginning of getting the enemy out of the way.  The buzz of the ground swell from Patriotic Americans forty or fifty million strong starts the restoration of Liberty’s granite foundation on the way to enact the solution.

The enactment of the solution into law is a MUST!  Otherwise, sooner or later, the enemy will be back to try again. Only America stands in the enemy’s way for a socialized, one-world government under the dictates of the United Nations.  Let’s get moving, time is of the essence.

Toby Elster